Unlock Insights from Our Survey of 500+ P&C Insurance Agents on the Carrier Experience

Are you providing the experience independent insurance agents say they expect? Glia surveyed 522 P&C insurance agents on their experience with carriers, with questions about carrier portals, preferred interaction channels, top factors in where they place business, and much more.

Glia’s inaugural report on the state of the agent experience reveals a disconnect between agent expectations and the servicing experience that is being provided by carriers today. Inside the report are a series of key findings from the survey, highlighting agents experience and preferences in working with carriers. The report also features recommendations of how insurance companies can provide a differentiated interaction experience that will secure more business from their network of agents.

Download this report to better understand:

  • How agents rate the self-service experience of carrier portals today and how frequently they require human assistance across various tasks including quoting, claims and licensing
  • What agents say is their preferred way to interact with carriers
  • The top factors determining where agents place their clients’ business

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