From Hype to Help: Unpacking Generative AI’s Impact on Customer Service

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a futuristic concept. It’s not just here, it's here to stay—and it can help your financial institution succeed. AI tools can help improve call center efficiency, manage and mitigate risk, and improve customer service. So, where is this going, how fast is it happening, and what does it mean for customer service at financial institutions? And how can your financial institution use it to redefine efficiency and revolutionize customer success?

To help you answer these questions, Glia Chief Product Officer Jay Choi hosted a fireside chat with two experts in the field: leading AI investor and Insight Partners Managing Director Lonne Jaffe; and Experian Insurance Services Director of Agency Operations Kristen Main.

They discussed:
  • How AI is changing the customer service game for financial institutions
  • What Generative AI (‘GenAI’) is good at and how these new capabilities can be used to improve call center efficiency, drive customer loyalty, and manage risk
  • Challenges and risks you need to consider with GenAI
  • How to implement easy but powerful tools to help you serve your customers
Be sure to watch through the end to catch exciting product announcements from Glia covering new AI and Generative AI capabilities and industry benchmarking.

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