Chatbots: From Hypothetical to Reality

There is no shortage of hype around artificial intelligence (AI), especially as new generative chatbot tools such as ChatGPT enter the market. Using this automation to increase the effectiveness of customer service channels is becoming an increasing priority for a large number of financial institutions. There are several methods that financial institutions can use to implement AI into their interaction platforms, with some requiring much more time, resources, and effort than others. This white paper will cover the extensive, lengthy process of getting a DIY toolkit chatbot up and running when compared to a pre-built AI solution.

In this white paper you'll learn:

  • The amount of time and effort that is required to train conversational AI
  • How you can bypass this work through a pre-built, industry specific solution
  • Why ChatGPT might not work as an alternative

If your organization is thinking about chatbots, this paper is a must-have!

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