The Ultimate Guide to the Assisted Conversion Funnel 

The Missing Piece to Your Customers’ Journey

With more attention being dedicated to customer experience, companies are spending more time ensuring the efficiency of their online and offline customer journeys. However, in an effort to maximize online interactions, most companies fall short by focusing solely on the self-serve method.

In order to optimize the customer journey while also decreasing customer effort, exclusively paying attention to offline and self-serve funnels are not enough.

The “Ultimate Guide to the Assisted Funnel” provides valuable insight into a new way of thinking about the online and offline customer journey and provides detailed steps your organization can take towards building your own “Assisted Funnel”.

An Assisted Funnel (or journey) takes the conversion benefits typically found in offline and phone channels, and combines it with the scale and cost benefits typically found in self-serve channels.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • What the Assisted Funnel is
  • Why adding an Assisted Funnel is critical to business success
  • How the Assisted Funnel impacts the bottom line
  • Examples of how other companies are leveraging the Assisted Funnel
  • How to build an Assisted Funnel for your company
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