Enabling Customer Service in Today’s Work From Home Environment

Coronavirus has put the normal paradigm of in-person business temporarily on hold for an unexpected new reality, where employees and customers are working from home for everyone's safety. But people still need to manage their money and insurance plans, even if HOW they do it has changed. How can financial institutions support a growing volume of customer service requests when their staff is at home?

Join Glia for a special timely webinar that shows how financial enterprises can use modern Virtual Customer Service technology IMMEDIATELY to enable work from home staff to support customers and members as effectively as a premise-based contact center.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Enable your call center staff to continue their current customer service work from home
  • Quickly deploy new channels such as chat and SMS for your home-bound customers to communicate with your business
  • Co-pilot customers who may be first-time users of your online portals and apps

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