The Agent-Carrier Relationship: Trends Shaping the Agent Experience
Agent portals have provided producers with more self-service capabilities than ever, and yet carriers are still inundated with phone calls and emails from agents. It’s a frustrating, disconnected experience for both parties. Glia surveyed more than 500 P&C agents and found that ease of doing business with a carrier was the primary determining factor in where they place their clients’ business. 

But what, exactly, is the experience that agents say they expect from the carriers they work with? This webinar unpacks that question, sharing insights from the research and first-hand experiences from Ryan Hanley, a former producer and agency owner. We’ll explore:

  • What are agents' top frustrations with carrier portals today?

  • What are the support channels agents prefer to use to connect with you?

  • How can carriers provide a differentiated experience that earns more business from agents?

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