Beyond IVR: Voice-Activated Virtual Assistants Modernize Phone Engagements

Don’t count out your phones just yet: Even in the digital age, the phone experience still has a lot to offer. Many customers still reach for the phone first when they have immediate, urgent needs. The experience your customers have with your call center is still crucial for maintaining satisfaction and loyalty: so don’t let legacy, aging telephony systems become an obstacle to your success.

To future-proof your phone engagements, Glia’s solution includes a virtual assistant that automatically handles routine requests digitally and over the phone, saving both customers and support staff time while increasing overall satisfaction. Seamlessly connecting from both on-screen and over-the-phone interactions, the Glia Virtual Assistant (GVA) is built specifically for the financial industry.

Participants will learn more about:
  • The misconception that all bots are complex, difficult, and costly to implement.
  • How a GVA can automatically handle customer inquiries over the phone to increase contact center efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • The benefits of a ChannelLess™ platform for all interactions versus using various siloed, disparate solutions.

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