Visionary Credit Union Transformed the Member and Employee Experience with Digital Customer Service (DCS)

Dover Federal Credit Union explored digital-first solutions to deliver exceptional member services to its rapidly growing membership base. They deployed a full Digital Customer Service (DCS) platform to enable a seamless online experience across Chat, OnScreen Voice, and Video with CoBrowsing and collaboration capabilities.

Even the contact center, including the telephone system, is now based on a single, DCS platform. Traditional phone calls are now digital engagements. Digital-first efficiencies have driven an ongoing decrease in the Average Handle Time and the Average Wait Time. The member service staff has been able to manage an increase in engagement volume with a smaller staff.

Request the case study to learn how Glia's Digital Customer Service platform helped Dover Federal Credit Union:

  • Transform the member experience with a fully digital-first platform
  • Lower the Average Wait Time by 40%
  • Reduce the Average Handle Time by 21%
  • Improve the employee experience by shifting to a single digital platform
  • Handle a 13% increase in member engagements with fewer staff
  • Accelerate engagements through Live Observation and CoBrowsing to actively guide members online

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