Find Out How Community First’s Human-Centric Digital Strategy Fuels Rapid Growth

Community First Credit Union took a human-centric approach to digitally transforming its member services, focusing on how digital channels could enable better ways to connect with members over strategies to deflect calls. Adding separate chat, video and CoBrowsing apps was not going to provide the rich, personal engagement that Community First wanted for its online member experience.

Community First chose Glia for its mature Digital Customer Service (DCS) platform, providing seamless member engagements across all channels. This led to a 9-fold increase in proactive engagements, with loans more than doubling within the first year using Glia. Community First attributes the impressive digital results to its sharp focus on a personalized member experience.

“Our secret sauce is that we found a way to generate ROI by creating human connections through digital member services. Our lending team more than doubled production last year with Glia. It’s because we’re facilitating a digital experience that members find interesting and relevant,” said Jimmy Lovelace, SVP of Member Experience, Community First Credit Union.

Request the case study to learn how Glia's Digital Customer Service platform helped Community First to:

  • Transform digital member services by focusing on the human experience
  • Increase proactive engagements by 9 times
  • More than double the number of loans converted
  • Increase sales by 36%
  • Go the extra mile to personalize digital service

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