Bancolombia Provides a Trusted "Human" Touch to Online Interactions with Digital Customer Service

Bancolombia’s Service team wanted to confirm itself as a progressive leader in digital banking and customer service. But in the region, most customers were hesitant to trust “all-digital” interactions, preferring to chat or speak with a person, rather than with automated bots. Online application abandonment was a common issue. The goal was to find a digital partner that could enable “hybrid” interactions, in which parts of various processes would be handled through online self-service, while still offering customers the opportunity to easily connect with a live agent when needed to prevent drop-offs. Further, with an IT staff that was stretched thin, Bancolombia required a solution that would be virtually trouble-free since the Service team would maintain the solution.

Glia's Digital Customer Service (DCS) platform was selected to support credit card product sales. The implementation process went smoothly and proved to be much more seamless than the team had experienced with other solutions. Glia’s platform worked well with the bank’s technology stack and initial services were rolled out in a matter of weeks. Customer trust and acceptance quickly rose within the first months of going live. Early use cases, like sales of new credit card products, supported by chat with Live Observation, proved successful.

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  • Increase credit account conversions 72%
  • Reduce average handle time (AHT) 17% with OnScreen Voice
  • Achieve a 200+% annual sales quota in the first year with DCS

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